Friday, February 3, 2006

= poem to my Daddy God =

This is my first time writing a poem, and this is dedicated to my Daddy in Heaven.. I know it is not that good.. but I really hope He will be please with it.. Any comments and feedback are welcome...

You told me once that You will never leave me..
You told me once that You will never forsake me..
All this while I lean on You,
because all this while You have kept
what You had promise.
I have never felt so secure,
I have never felt so safe,
but when I'm in Your embrace,
that is all i sense.
Tones of obstacles,
Tones of obstructions,
Tones of troubles,
Tones of difficulties,
Thinking that I can handles all those
with my own bare hand
slowly draw me away from You.
I started to doubt,
doubt on Your present,
doubt on Your words,
doubt on Your works,
doubt on Your strength,
all I have in mind is
Where are You when life hurts?
You never fail in fulfilling Your promises,
but will this be Your first?
You proved me wrong,
You are always there,
but my eyes are always blindfolded by the world,
Worldly things,
Worldly stuff,
Worldly culture,
Worldly knowledge.
Corrupted my actions,
Corrupted my mind,
Corrupted my soul,
Corrupted my body,
Enough! Enough!
Enough of the worldly things,
Enough of the corrupted body,
Enought of anything that tends to stray me away from You.
All I want is to walk with You,
All I want is to be with You,
All I want is to see Your face,
All I want is to be in Your embrace.
when I asked You once again,
Where are You when I yearn for You?
You told me that
You are always besides me,
Never shall You leave me,
Never shall You forsake me


Anonymous said...

the poem is really touching n well written..There are some spelling and grammar mistakes though..I think is bcse,,u wrote it in a hurry...The rest is perfect,,just be urself,, k ,, take care..-dy-

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

isshhh.. tell la ppl where is the mistakes ma.. so tat next time when i look back i will realise that n will not repeat it.. my original poem is in your laptop! haha..

Vincent said...

Well, as a first timer, I can say it is great ;). As I have told you on the MSN, body is govern by actions made by your mind which your souls leads. Also, a physical body is just an empty husk which houses your soul...only the soul will be corrupted, not body...

Well, just take my comment as reference, since I as a man, not perfect, thus I can be wrong as well ;)

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=) thz vincent.. appreciate ur comment a lot.. hehe.. i shall write again.. but when i am inspite by God haha.. now rushing assignment only.. sob.. do pray for me~ thanks...