Thursday, April 26, 2007

The wave

2 more assignments to go... May I go through it with peace.... Starting my work now... Stress is the only word I can think off.

I was reading one of my close friend's blog and it hit on me.... Nothing hurt more than thinking of that story of mine.... I... Being the last person to have the opportunity to look at the beautiful sky... The sky which is now facing thunder storm and the rain will never stop unless God stop it... I... Can never step on the land again and tell others regarding the beauty of the sky anymore... I... Do not know when will God allow me to see the clear blue sky once again but I know, He will stop the rain... I read something interesting in a slides that Da send me... It's written there, we seldom think of what we have but always think of what we miss. Yes, true that in my life, I miss out a lot of things... I regretted for my childhood behaviour.... The things that I deserved to have yet I let go of it... Mourn over it? Pointless... Too many things in life that I realised that I can do something about it yet I chose not to??

When will the rain abate then? That is the only question that bug me a lot... I don't know... I seriously don't know when will it subside... I only know that God will deal with the situation that I am facing now... Many things became ambiguous after I decided to leave... Not even a single second, I would wish to go back and have a look at the place... Because I know... I will be tempted to go back. Though there are many sweet, bitter and sour memories there, yet I choose to let go of every single thing and have a brand new life. I know it will be hard. I never deny that I am going on a hard path, but I know, at the end of the day, I will meet with Him.

The strong desire in me is not helping me in anyway from being a friend to the world. Friend of the world or God? Choose now and let it be once and for all.. Don't repeat the mistake (or should I said error?) that the Isreal did in the OT... Please... Please 633!!!!! Stand firm and fight the world, fight yourself! God is always there with you and no one else can ever stop you if God is with you... May the peace of God be with all of us...