Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lost of words in describing Friday Part 2

I was praying hard while I am driving as I was late for the gathering in Taman Desa... I was obviously speeding on the road but still under the speed limit though, no worries... =) This is my very first time in attenting the youth fellowship and it is in TAMAN DESA!!!! To people who know me, hehehe.... TAMAN DESA!!!!! =D

At last..... I arrived.... My stomach is aching like mad and I really need water! T.T The Youth Fellowship was ending soon when I arrived =..=" Nevertheless, I manage to have tonnes of funs there! Hehehe... We took some video of some interesting incident that took place after the youth fellowship where we have a light supper over there.... What actually happened?? Hahaha... Look at the video yourself... I actually cought a long video on it but thanks to Ern who close the hp cover... The video is not save =..=" This is the best I can give to the readers.... There's 3 part... So... Enjoy... Short.... Thanks to SOMEONE who is lazy to follow the action.... Hahaha...

"Why you like KM koko??" "Because he's FUNNY!!!"

*Story: An adult vs 3 years old kid