Monday, April 9, 2007

computer idiot + networking = ?

Does anyone know the answer for 1 + 1??
What??? I heard somebody said 2... I think most of you will be thinking what on earth is this girl trying to ask? So simple question yet she is asking so publicly?? Hahhaha... Chill... I haven finish my story mah...

Yes, theoretically it is 2... Don't tell me it is 3 *based on computing calculation* I will not listen *closing my ears* Why? I heard it is super confusing... Hahahah... If my head got some logic in it, I will take up the challenge and learn it... Bluek...

Ok... Now... Can anybody tell me what is the answer for "a computer idiot" + networking? Hahahah... Yes? No? Don't know? Seems to know the answer yet not confident with it?? Ok.. I will tell you the answer.... The answer is.... An idiot which will end up suffering while studying networking @.@ For instant, 33!!!!!!!! The best example that I can come out with... No doubt on that... 100% accuracy... =..="

Can anyone just kill me?? T.T I am super super lost now... What is BISDN??? What is leased line? What is fiber optic? What is fiber channel technology? What is SAN? What is SANbox? What is Gigabit Ethernet switch? Can that swtich connect you to WAN? What is NETWORKING??? IDIOT ME!!!! I am darn confuse! What is this??? SO TECHICAL!!!! APIIT is basically digging my grave! T.T I need to finish my assignment before Tuesday (which is tomorrow) yet I have no idea at all what I am writing! IDIOT!!!!!! I hate networking!!!! What is this? What is that? How come people like to make other people suffer?? T.T Don't like them la~

*Resume work* Ok la... Just want to express only.. I can't write anymore.. hahaha... Bluek... Pray much for me... Dying soon.. 5 assignments on hand and all the due date are so darn near to each other! Good news? I got my HCI presentation on my HCI test day! =..=" Can anything else be bad??? WHAT ELSE?? =..=" I can't even go for my facial!!!! My face.... FULL OF PIMPLES!!! T.T


Joe said...

Leased Line

It is a line which connects two location. It is usually provided by telecommunication company like Telekom. This line is usually used for high speed data connection. For example, APIIT TPM to APIIT KL. APIIT have to pay the Telekom to use the leased line. Dun misunderstood them for telephone line of somesort, they dun have a telephone number. Usually these line are connected between a Layer 3 Router or Layer 3 Switches on Core Layer.

Fiber Optic

They are almost the same with the LAN cable u used to connect from a network card. The only different is, fiber optic is made of glass insetad of copper wire, and above all, HIGH SPEED compared to cooper wire. Another thing is, fiber optic cable you usually connect between switches, not PCs. They have to speed of GBits/sec, compared to normal LAN cable which is 100Mbits. But now got LAN cable with 1Gbits speed also. But just forget about it. Fiber Optic is also VERY expensive compared to LAN cable.

Gigabit Ethernet Switch

I just told you about LAN cable with speed of Gigabits? Yes, this is the one. Gigabit Ethernet Switch is a switch which is capable of Gigabit Switching. Older version of Switch can only do 10/100 Mbit switching. Now the new switches is upgraded to Gigabit speed switching. In my Uni, we have this kind of switch. They only have like 2 or 4 Gigabit Ethernet port only. The remaining port is still 100 Mbits.

Can Switch Connect to a WAN?

Well, why not?

Author Comment: Well, the explanation is at 80% accuracy at best. Because nowadays I am doing my thesis on a specific area so I have less revising about general networking :p. But if you got any Q, can ask me de. I can use this opportunity to revise myself ;)


- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=..=" How about I send over my assignment and you do this for me =D~ hahahah... JK..

THanks for the explanation.. I am jsut frustrated doing networking from time to time so mah write things like that in blog lo.. hahaha.. Nth to do =p

Hehe.. Wil ask when I face problem.. =) Thanks for the help offered Kekek.

lin ^ ^ said...

Hold 4 few more days, than everything will be OK d...


Next thing to come is HCI, after that MAD, after that MPO, finally IDM... Hihi....

It makes u better or worst???!!! Haha

Lin ^ ^

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=..=" TQ Da to stress on the DUE DATE of all my assignments.. >.< Stress... Hahaha... So many group assignment! Madness!!!!

Ask 00 to help us do the assignment mah... Faster go n take his MSN le... I so want to chat with him =P Bluek