Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Sabbath day~

Stress!!!!!!!!!! Madness stress... So miss my blog... I was rushing assignment this few days... (Still rushing =..=") Few days of sleepless nights.... Hmmm... Can't raelly say sleepless as I do rest when I am too tired.... However, my brain is too active... It can't stop spinning and thinking... Can you imagine? I even dreamt myself becoming a network consultant =.=" WORST NIGHTMARE EVER! Hahaha... Yes, I am rushing networking assignment and it is due on Monday...
Lesson learnt? NEVER PROCASTINATE WORK!!!!! No, last minute work is really bad! TOO BAD! I really need to change.. Can't afford to play in Level 2. Gila madness stress! I really hope I can go through this stage... STRENGTH! I need it! Knowledge and wisdom to have good time management.... Sigh....
Milo now is my mate *Milo is my "coffee", I am stopping myself from drinking coffee as it's not good fo healthy. Why Milo? Can it really help? It's all in your mind, if you think it can work, it will work =P "Milo sihat and kuat" mah... Hahaha*.... Doggie and bear bear accompanying me throughout the night.... A big thanks to my sister in law for borrowing me her laptop during this period of time... Why I need a laptop? Because my beloved computer CRASH... Hahaha.. Yes, moment like this, it crash... Lesson learnt? Never trust your computer... Always do your backup. Yes, it seems fine today but you won't know what will happen the next day. It won't hurt to do more backup rather than going through all those endless night just to redo all your work! Not worth the price at all.
I am very happy today.. Why? Because I left compiling, conclusion and reference undone. I am trying my very best to wrap up all those things and make the final touch up and I am done! I was actually weak today as lack of sleep but I thank God for allowing me to concentrate in church today! On top of that, I got a burger from the church! Aunty Goody was so kind to allow me to take it back as I can't attend night service! SO SO SO HAPPY! So miss Taman Desa burger... Sigh.. A big thanks to those who are cooking and preparing the burgers! Your burger is super nice =) A great strength to me! =)
I was caught a few time by ML on "spying" the burger.... Hahaha... Eh... ML.... SERIOUSLY VERY NICE LE!!! Hahaha.. Bluek... And to her beloved husband... THanks for cooking the burger... I think I got the burger that you cooked as it looks like it went through some "fire trainings"... Hahha... *Remind me of your "stun" Hahaha... I should take the video from KM and post it in YouTube! Hahaha...*
I really am happy that God is still so faithful to me... Though I am weak, but I know it well that I am strong because God is with me! =)


ML said...

Hi miss 633,

I guess you must be right about the burgers as everybody was walloping them last night :P The reason why so nice it's becos YE and hubby have 'kar lui' (you don't want to know what went in there, esp since it's such a WARM task!). Hopefully you didn't have cirit-birit lah, haha!:P

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=..=" my whole family ate that... What they add in?? Except for the pepper and kicap, I didn't see anything else... Unless... As Ern said... "I went to toilet and didn't wash my hand and I am here frying burger" *pengsan*

Hahaha... Family love it.. Though mom didn't want to comment that much as it's from Church..

Heheh.. Most important? I didn't got any cirit-birit *evil laugh* Heheh