Saturday, April 28, 2007

The past vs the present

I.... Am darn tired... Looking at Toyota, Toyota and more Toyota.... I started to like Toyota... Hmm... Change my sentence.... I love Toyota more and more each day... Hahaha... Why? Because it is a Japanese brand? Because of the reliability of the cars? Or is it because I like the management and attitude of Toyota?

Suddenly, while doing my assignment, I thought of the words that one of my sister shared with me yesterday.... "Past will be the past, you can't do anything now to change or to erase what you have done in the past." A statement that I don't wish to agree with yet it is the truth. Who doesn't dream of going back to the past once again and make things right once and for all? Well, at least I do... Nevertheless if I am given that chance, I myself doubt that I will change my decision.... However, why put your hope on the past? MS 633!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! You are now in the present PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A time where you can still change things and do something serious about your life!

I was greatly challenged when the sister asked me how many hours have I spent for the Lord per day... I.... Don't even dare to answer that question... True, how many hours have I spent? If I really didn't spent much time with the Lord, what then am I spending my time on? Think... Think.... Think.... You yourself know the answer.

Yes, my head is spinning again.... Welcome to my blur blur world.... I have started my assignment and it is now in slow progression... Sigh... I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate myself for being like that.... Only God knows what is in my heart.... I really wish that I can change.... I really wish to change....


lin ^ ^ said...

There are no mistakes or failure, only lessons...

~ And it only takes one person to change your life - You ~


- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=) Determination and discipline are two hard things to learn... >.<

Gambateh together~ Jia YOU!!!!