Sunday, March 26, 2006

Undying love of God

I don't want to live
even one more day
in the darkness of mine.
My past haunted me so badly,
and the only thing that
sustain me is the word of God.
I fell, I cried, I pray, I plead,
for a breakthrough in my life to occur.
He came in my life,
wanting to take away
my pain, my sorrow, my past.
Bringing light into my life,
bringing joy into my life,
yet I allowed my past to blindfold me again.
Temptations are all around me,
no matter how I fight,
no matter how I flee,
I fall again and again and again.
Depending on my flesh,
depending on my own knowldge,
tend to make me fall and
drawing me away from God.
I failed to surrender totally into His hand.
However, He tells me something that melted my heart,
No matter how bad my past is,
no matter how rebelious I am now,
He still choose to be with me..
He demanded the stone be removed
from the door of my heart.
and I shall be called out from the darkness,
His undying love.....
Will always be with me...
Lord, I just want to be with You...


Vincent said...

God have His plans. I know you have been waiting for the plan He have for you. Patience. Never doubt Him or stray away from Him.

I pray that you be happy always. May God show you the light and guide you out from darkness.

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

amen.. thanks vincent

willywilly said...

eh, is this the poem that you wrote?

or the one after?
i'm blur, haha:p

but it was nice...

just one line to say: cling on to your faith :)

jia you

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

yes this is the one tat i wrote my dear.. cling to my faith? trying my very best. faith does not come from me but from above.. may he strengthen my faith