Monday, March 20, 2006


Value of Listening
a) Listening show respect to the speaker.
b) It build up a relationship, by listening you could build up a closer relationship as sharing required a certain trust in each other.
c) Listening will eventually increase our knowledge. Hearing from others' experience, we manage to know how a person feel in certain situation. We manage to learn and see things from different view. Our view are widen indirectly.
d) By listening to others, you are manage to generate ideas. Two brains are always better than one!
e) As a listener, you are able to build a loyalty with the speaker(s). The more we listen to others, the more trust among each other will gain!
As a leader, we should listen more and speak less! It is easy to talk but it is harder to quiet youeself down to listen! Are you doing the same thing in your quiet time? You speak more than you listen? When God wants to speaks to you, is He given a chance to talk? Hmmm... Interesting lesson to learn.. I am currently learning this lesson and it is super hard to learn!

p/s A leader should speak when it is necessary!