Thursday, March 9, 2006

Kuantan? hohoho...

Hohoho... Know what? Hehe.. IT IS THURSDAY! Hallelujah~ Tomorrow! I am waiting.. Waiting since.. since.. I lost count haha..
Kuantan here I come~ I miss TC... Hehe.. Well I like the beach like a mad girl... I still remember I saw.. I saw... I saw... A sky full of star... How I wish that day I brought the mat with me! How I wish to lie down on the sandy beach.. Looking above... My wish: - Lie down on the sandy beach with my partner and just look at the star... It will be better if we have a candle light dinner on the beach hahaa.. [Dreaming! Do excuse me.. I am super stress lately.. hehe..]
Haha.. actually Kuantan is just not the place for me.. maybe it is way too relax.. way too peaceful, I am not used to the environment thus I look at Kuantan as "kind of boring"... Or maybe because i got myself a bad "tour guide"... Hahaha.. You know who you are =p
No offence to Kuantan people.. It is a nice place though... *peace*
God is always good to me.. This I know it by heart.. Lately, I think of him a lot.. I manage to find a way to at least reduce the thinking of my past.. Hallelujah.. When I think I will speak in tongue non-stop.. Speak, speak and speak.. Letting the spirit to have full control on my head.. Besides that, working really helps me a lot... Making me to tired to even think! I praise the Lord for keep on speaking to me.. Pray in persistence.. This is what God said.. Peace from above plus strength from above equals to... Nothing I can't do by having God besides me..


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