Thursday, March 16, 2006

How big is God? Bigger than your troubles?

I have something very interesting to share with all... One of my brother in Christ wrote this and gave me some questions to ponder on... I really hope this passage "speaks" to all of you as how its "spoke" to me... It might looks a bit long but trust me it is definitely worth reading it.. Enjoy..

Many times, we hear and read about the fact that God is so big, bigger than our problems, bigger than anything in the world.

While the fact is true, many of us don't realize the fullness of its meaning. At times, perspective checks are helpful.

Firstly, imagine looking down at yourself from the top, like one of those satellite cameras (e.g. Google Earth). Picture yourself alone in your room. Now, zoom out a bit, and picture your house, still from the top. Imagine all the other rooms in the house, occupied with your family. Got it? Good. Now zoom out a but more and picture your neighbourhood, with its many families like yours living in it.

The people look like ants from here, right? Zoom out a wee bit more and imagine looking down on the town or city you're in. The many many neighbourhoods and industrial areas and so on. Can you see yourself now? Zoom out more! Picture the state which you live in, all hundred or more cities and all. Wow, we're really tiny now, are we?

I dare you to zoom out again. Now you're lookoing at the topographical map of your country, with its 14 states (if you're in Malaysia). Are you lost? Don't be, it's not the end yet. Zoom out more and see your continent. Zoom outagain and picture the Earth. Compare now, how far you've zoomed out. It's kinda too much to take it all in right?

Zoom out further! See Earth, together with the other planets, orbiting the Sun. It's our solar system! And if that's not enough, zoom out further and picture the Milky Way galaxy. The galaxy we're in is comprised of a billion or so stars, most of them bigger than our sun (our Sun is one of the smallest stars in the galaxy). And to think, each star most likely has their own solar system.

And well, if your mind is not blown by now, imagine the universe in its entirety. All few hundred galaxies, which has it's billion stars, which has their own systems, with their own planets, and on one blue little planet the continents, the countries, the states, the cities, the neighbourhoods, the people......and you.

Now, for the final trick.

Imagine God, bigger than the universe He has so wonderfully made. Bigger than all the hundreds of gazillion stars and plants and countries which are even too big for us to think about. That's our God!

Our God is so big and mighty, He is just plain indescribable.

Whenever you face troubles that are larger than yourself, just remember, you have a God who is infinitely larger. And when you start to get proud, whether because of position or fame, just remember, how tiny you are compared to His glory.....

Question to ponder on....
1)Do you get overwhelmed by life ans its troubles and delights often?
2) Do you lose perspective of God's greatness often?
3) How does the 2 questions above tie t oeach other?

Meaningful isn't it? Well are you worry about your life now? Is there anything that burden you? Have you surrender those troubles and burden in God's hand? If yes, why worry? If you have surrender yet you still felt troubled, that's not a full submition to God, my friends... Lift up each and every things in your life into God's hand and put trust in Him... That simple... and all will be done....


Anonymous said...

thanks for the geography lesson,, n the meaningful lesson how big god is...But,,had surrender things to god's hand,,,awaiting answers that are taking ages...hmmm,, wait n c..-laith-

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

god is testing your faith towards him.. god didnt say following Him will be a easy road, instead the road is narrow and only a few can go through it.

wait patiently and trust in Him as He promise us that all His plan is to prosper us and not to harm us..

Glad u enjoy it and god bless