Sunday, November 5, 2006

Who am I?

DB test is on Friday and I have no idea how am I to put the 6 chapter into the tiny little head of mine. Besides that, there's another test on the following Friday! Gosh... Got a little stress up as there's many things on hand that is left undone. I really give thanks to the Lord for He told me that He will be there for me... Never will He forsake me, never will He leave me... I have no idea how many times this verses came to me... I lost count on that... But it doesn't fail to encouraged me to continue to press on and look forward....

I am really worn out. The trails that the Lord gives me is really challenging. I am really afraid that I will fail this "test"... Reading as much as I can and spending time with the Lord as much as I can does help me to persevere. I am besically fighting the battle with myself. The inner desires of mine is so strong that I almost got control by it. Bit by bit, I am feeling the pain... Day by day, I am feeling the stress.... However, this is the time, whereby I see clearer that God's grace and mercy is upon me. Looking back my life, I always remind myself that without Him in my life, I am nobody here.