Friday, November 24, 2006

Drift, drift and drift....

I like speed.... I like car... For your information, I don't know nuts about all those engine and stuff.. I just like the feeling of sitting in a car that fly... However, it is not easy to gain my trust unless you are really good in driving =P I got kind of irritated when people "act" as though they are really good in driving just to impress a girl but the truth is they are unskilled... Please... Trust me... You are not at all impressing the girl but you are scaring her off! Haha... Well, unless most of the girls are like me... Immune with reckless driving... Haha... Don't ask me why, don't say I am weird, don't say anything... Just watch this video clip that I got it from my friend's web site... =P Though it is just a game but it somehow remind me of "Takumi" =) SO MISS HIM!!!!