Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy new year to all

Happy new year to all... At last, we are in the first day of 2007.... Time really flies... How is your new year celebration?? Fun? Nice? Sweet? Beautiful? Tired? Well, for me... It started off rough as I expected.. Well, actually worse than what I expected but I prepared my heart well for it...

My new year eve started off great but the mood decline a little as I was put in a sutuation of not knowing what to do and with full of embarrassment I got nothing to say but to sit there listen and smile. I didn't have much time to rest when I got back home but went out for dinner at Leisure Mall. I ate Wong Kok, Hong Kong restaurant. *A note to the readers, never step a foot in that restaurant.. The foods are not that good... Can you imagine the well-known food in that restaurant is not nice? I really have a hard time finishing that plate! Thank God I didn't ordered dessert, if not I will vomit there.. Haha.. However, the drinks are quite nice there. Try out the chocolate ice cream milk shake... Wulala~ The chocolate is really thick, just as how I like it to be... NICE~*

I manage to catch a movie as the time is still early... I watched "Night at the Museum", it is not as funny as I expected though. The movie is so-so to me... But I like the monkey in the movie... Super cute~ Haha... Naughty and mischievous, a monkey that like to stick its tongue out after hitting Ben Stiller... Have a look on the trailer to know more regarding this movie.
Good-hearted dreamer Larry Daley, despite being perpetually down on his luck, thinks he's destined for something big. But even he could never have imagined how big, when he accepts what appears to be a menial job as a graveyard-shift security guard at a museum of natural history. During Larry's watch, extraordinary things begin to occur: Mayans, Roman Gladiators, and cowboys emerge from their diorama to wage epic battles; in his quest for fire, a Neanderthal burns down his own display; Attila the Hun pillages his neighboring exhibits, and a T-Rex reminds everyone why he's history's fiercest predator. Amidst the chaos, the only person Larry can turn to for advice is a wax figure of President Teddy Roosevelt , who helps our hero harness the bedlam, stop a nefarious plot, and save the museum.
(Taken from: Golden Screem Cinemas Online, Retrived on 01 January 2007, from

Things went ugly after the movie due to a fight between my friend and me.. I have no mood to welcome the new year.. Oh ya, my bracelet broke as one of the children pull it too hard and the string just snap... Sigh... What a day... I was not angry with the children of cause but I was just wondering what will go ugly on new year eve... I didn't want to think much but allow myself to fall on the bed straight and used my pillow to covered myself.. I prayed for the pain to go away... The next thing I know... It is morning... A brand new day... A brand new start? Maybe it is in my blood that everytime when people are happily welcoming new year, for sure I got something that is unhappy awaits me... Haha.. 2 YEARS IN A ROLE... Without fireworks and no mood to welcome the new year... I am so "anticipating" to know what will happen next...