Thursday, January 25, 2007

The dinner

I would like to use this opportunity to extend my gratitude towards a newly couple. *You know who you are, not sure whether my "mama" is reading this or not, but I really hope she still visit my blog*.

Actually this week is really a tough week for me... I just started my semester 2 and I am asked to handle 5 subjects. 3 groups assignments, 2 individual assignmenets, 2 final exams and still uncertain on the number of test I will need to go through... I am lack of confident to go through this semester but I am thankful for the opprtunity to go through this. I still believe whole-heartedly that God will never give you something that you can't handle. =)

Back to the topic... I went to their house for dinner this week and this is the very first time *if not mistaken* I am having a proper meal with a family and said a prayer together. This is actually the scenario I long the most to take place in my house. Holding hands and say prayer together then partake the meal together. You can never do that in a non-Christian family.... NEVER... I am still awaiting for the time to come. I know it will come... One day, it will come... Yes, nobody can imagine how happy and joyful I am... Though it is just a simple dinner but the joy in my heart is everlasting... It's really like having a meal with my parents... I yearn for that moment to come...

Thank you once again for giving me that experience... Thank you for the wonderful meal and dessert =P