Monday, January 29, 2007

The wedding dinner

A dull blog isn't it? I realised normally a highly viewed blog have tonnes of photos, few words and wa lah... The statistic increase non-stop.. Hahaha... This is what pictures can do.. A picture can speaks of thousand word... Hahah.. Maybe I should shoot more photos and post it inside this dull blog of mine =P Anyway... I am actually planning to post some pictures in this blog today.. Hopefully the internet is working fine and I can upload all those pictures in this blog.

Preview: A wedding dinner

Ewilly and I were well prepared to attend a wedding dinner... We departed early as we planned to reach there earlier for rehearsal. VRRRRooommmm.... While on the way there....

..A picture of me, nothing better to do while sitting in the car so I just snap, snap and snap..
How can I forget the "driver" who is fetching me to the wedding dinner?
After several minutes, we realise that we were lost!!! *Hit on panic button* Why? Duh... My hp low credit! Thank God Ewilly still got some credit with her. She took the wrong turning and we ended up at another end of the world. =P We were supposed to be there early but ended up reaching there just in time.. However, we were really tired.. It's raining on that day and Ewilly can't really drive while it's raining, she will get very blur for some reason... I on the other hand, praying hard that she can recognise the road and get there safely..
At last.... Ground!!!! Hahaha... We arrived safely but we were exhausted... First thing that came into me is... TOILET!!!! Haha.. Yo, though it is not my wedding but I don't wish to look messy on that day... Furthermore, I was with holding my bladder for quite some time! Hahah.. This is what happened when I was too bored in the toilet..

A picture of Ewilly and me

A quick snap shot of me

Just to avoid poeple coming in the toilet and start to search for both of us, we at last came out from the toilet. I think we were there for more than 15 minutes.. Hahah.. Can't really remember as too blur... During the wedding dinner, we can't stop ourselves but to snap some photos while the foods were served.

The 38 pohs

A girls group photo

Ok... I think that is enough for today.. Lazy to upload so many photos.. Hahaha.. Hope you enjoy viewing it =)


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