Thursday, January 25, 2007

I started to stay away from it...

I went through a tough day today... I wanted so much to just express every single thing through this blog but somehow, I, got stuck on what to write... I really don't know where to start. Normally, I will just write without thinking too much. The content of every post in my blog is basically from my own personal feeling and perception towards this world and my life.

Whatever I wrote in this blog is purely to blurt out every single thing that is in my head.. Some may perceive it differently from what I really meant (due to language barrier, yes, I do admit that my language is bad), some may think I am out of my mind, some may agree with my saying, some might not. So many things views, so many perceptions, so many different type of mentality... I am not really bother actually, what others think or how they judge me as a person, I really am tired to even care...

Sometimes, it is not that I am not caring towards people around me. I can know their condition by seeing it with my own eyes. Well, not spiritually, but at least I know they are well physically. Sometimes, it is not that I am not concern regarding people around me, but normally after asking them, I tend to forget things easily... People who know me well, should know how forgetful I am.. However, that shouldn't be an excuse for me not to be concern about others as God asked us to love others as ourselves.

The point I am getting here is... I am really tired of listening to others boasting in front of me regarding how good they are now, how popular they are now, how busy they are now as their responsibility increase, and many more. Trust me in this... I am not interested in your "glory" life when I am asking you about your healthy and other stuff. But it will be very helpful if next time you would just get to the point and answer my questions. You can save your "glory" life for your mamak session with your friends who are definitely look more interesting than I am.

I wish to make things clear before I proceed on, I am not stating over here that whenever a friend is telling me about his /her life, I am not listening. In fact, I am listening and I like to listen to story.. But not BOASTING. There's a big difference between both... I am really sick of listening to it... So what you are a celeb? So what you manage to draw the whole world attention? So what you have tonnes of dates? So what you have tonnes of appointment? So what??? Life still go on, isn't it? You still have a pair of eyes, a pair of ear, a nose and a mouth, isn't it? So what is the difference between you and me then? So what is there to be so action about? Always remember one thing that, the Lord gives and He takes away... Be humble and content with what you have in life. I am trying to learn this lesson as well...

I..... Carry out an action...... What is that??? Just keep a distant from them... Nothing much I can do but to pray for them... May the Lord lead us..

Hahaha.. Reading back... I think I am too rude in writing... Do excuse me... I will write in another post =)