Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is money more important than losing your soul?

Today while I am preparing dinner, I switch on the radio... The DJs were debating on "what women want" and most of the callers who called in were saying that they need financial security from man. They prefer to have cash rather than a faithful husband... I totally speechless and realise how the world has changed. How materialistic people have became... I... Really hope that my "husband" will treat me as how God wants him to treat me... I am not really worried about financially because I know the Lord will eventaully provide us. Haha.. If I manage to find someone special in my life then I will share our life =P

I am totally lost... Lost on what should be my next step. Should I do this? Should I do that? What I shouldn't do now? What I should do now? I really don't know. Regardless of what I have done, you will never be happy with it. So why bother? Because... I really wish to live a life that is glorifying God's name... I came too far to give up just like that... I don't wish to give up either...

Is education equals to money? Why do you study? Have you ever taught of that? Your answer to me is.. Without education, you can't earn money. I was sad when I heard that.. How worldly that thinking is.. True, I don't deny that every human being need money but until the extend money became your master, that is too much. You study just because of money, to me, that is pathetic. You don't know how much fun you have missed out.... You really don't know... Donald Trump, Bill Gates and many more don't have high education, so what? They earned big moeny. Doesnt' that prove your statemenet so wrong? I am more concern regarding the character... If you were to have good character, who won't want to emply you?

I only wish to have a simple life... If God bless me with wealth, I thank God for it. If not, I pray that Lord will make sure that I have enough for every day. That is more than enough for me. I don't wish to be like the person in "The Click". He was fortunate as he can "rewind" his story but in real life, can we do that? Do you know how many people out there miss out so many things in life due to the objective in life is seeking money and fame? Do you really think that they are happy? Some might be happy but money is something that is not long-lasting. So what you gain the whole world wealth? What's next? You have nothing else to proceed to, am I right? What is the point of you gaining the whole world but losing your own soul? Why go for something that is not long-lasting?

I am not saying that you are to sit at home and wait for money to fall from the sky.. That is going to another extream... I just hope that I can work and earn my own living and be content with what I have in hand now. As long as I am breathing, I wish to glorify His name....


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