Sunday, August 5, 2007

Where is my first love?

Today, a day where I got myself involved in something called love... I am asking myself after the sermon "Where is my first love? Where has gone the passion and the heart for Him?" For that very moment, I am questioning about my faith. I have no doubt that I went through a lot, but am I getting stronger spiritually each day? "Sin will only leads to unheard prayers".... Is my prayers being heard by the Lord? "Give ears to my prayers, O Lord"....

I am stress out... I restrain myself from going online as I really think that it is a waste of time and I am addicted in blogging =..=" To my surprise, there's a Hong Kong lady came and view my blog! Hahah.. Internet can really make the world "smaller".

I am having exam on Monday and I am not prepared for it... I am dead... ZzzzzZzzZzzz.....


~e^c*h@~ said...

Thanks for the message!!! It has been such a surprise and it does light up my day!

I thought you must have missed the comment as I didn't realise that I was writing to your old blog in 2006 until I finished! Anyway, thanks a lot for the sharing and comprehensive instructions. I'll work on it!

BTW, as a teacher, I have to say, "Fight your exam with all your heart and strength! You'll survive!'

(And what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger :)

echo @ Tin Shui Wai, HK

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=) I won't miss out comment as I will get mail notice once there's a comment though it's a old post.

Ya trying my best to fight but somehow, Im weary. Yes, it does make it stronger. I have no doubt on that. I just wish that in everyday of my life, I will always give thanks to the Lord for all that take placed in my life though it is not accoding to my will.

Anyway, welcome once again to my blog and I hope that you too will fight the battle for the Lord and finish the race =)

God bless ya..