Friday, August 24, 2007

A lesson that I should keep in head...

Mood swing... It is Friday night and I am stuck here with this stupid mood... Thanks to a person... A person that make decision on my behalf without my consent... Who are you to even made such a decision? My secretary? After making the decision then only asking me whether things can be carry out?? I really am fedup with the way people handle things. Is it that hard to INFORM people? IS IT THAT HARD???? Even if you don't, don't try to make decision on other's behalf then only inform that person about it... I got a shock when I received a phone call once I reached home. I was a little mad but things got worsen when the sms arrived.

OK... CALM DOWN.............. FOCUS......................... STRESS.........................................................


~e^c*h@~ said...

My dear, poor you! It must have been really hard that you still had to function well even though you were being so upset! What happened in the end?

But I've noticed sth. interesting, which is, you actually didn't show any attempt (at least in this blog) to say NO in this situation. Is it because this person who placed the request is too significant to you? Or is it because you've always been a YES lady who is not used to rejecting others?

Recently I've been reading a book, which happens to talk about man-pleasing. -- In fact, I've always found it hard to say NO to others and I always guess what others would like and then try to provide such things, disregarding whether I really want it this way. Sometimes this kind of working style pushed me over the edge. I would feel exhausted and irritated yet I would still say 'yes' to others, as it would make me feel equally bad about myself if I had to refuse someone.
Then, I find why I was behaving like that in this book, which says -

'Some people were encouraged by their parents to act "cute". If your parents did this, you may have learnt to perform for people and thus have become a man-pleaser (sth. God expressly forbids in Galatians 1:10). By being requrired to act "cute" or perform for others, you were placed at risk. Your own initiative and spontaneous motivation were infringed upon; you learnt to over adapt to others; you leanrt to respond more to the demands of others than to your own motivation and self-initiative which is left undeveloped or underdeveloped.'
'Such people report having difficuty identifying what they need and asking for it. These people are always pulled along in life by the demands and expectations of others, rather than being prompted by motivation from within and the leading of the Holy Spirit.'
'Without a developed internal awareness, it is hard to hear the voice of God. when our focus is external, we are vulnerable to being controlled by others.'

See? It can be really serious. I just hope the case you mentioned was just a trivial matter. But you feel so uneasy with it, do something. Talk to this person and tell him or her that you are still friends even if you say no this time. And ask yourself if cases like this happen repeatedly in your life. Ask God to free you from the experiences in the past and get your motivation and your voice back again! (I'm practising the same things too!)


- @ 3.3 @ - said...

Hahaha... Actually, Im not even bothered about what happened next as I didn't do what that person asked to do at the end of the day as I don't think it is right that things are carry out that way.

The best part is, I don't that that person knows all this things as to me, it is normal for him to do so... I can considered that as one of his characteristic?

Hmmm.. I actually talked to him many times and in the beginning there's some improvement but things still stays the same at the end of the story.

Moral of the story? Only God can change a person's heart... =)