Sunday, March 25, 2007


Aside all those in my blog, please keep me in intense prayer. I had just told my mom regarding my baptism (1125pm, 25th March 2007). I forced myself to speak up. I only kept in mind that, I fear my mom but I fear God more! I am ready for every single thing.... I know it will be hard...
I prayed before I knock on the door and step in.. It's dark.... I went in and told her "Ma, I will be getting baptise on April, IF I pass the church interview. It will be during Ester day."

Mom: *Calmly* What is the date? April when?

33: Mid April like that lo~

Mom: Get baptize is one thing, but you still need to pray to your ancestor.

33: I still got mah.... I still go back to Muar with you all and went to the cemetery. *Actually, I only go there with them but I didn't even pray to my ancestor.*

Mom: *Raising her voice a little* Don't bring bible to the cemetory next time, as though you don't have a heart to pray to ancestor. *Yes, I did bring along my bible along and read it there. Hey, what you expect? It was a Sunday, Sabbath day! I was in a chinese cemetery, what can I do but to pick up my bible and read it?*

33: OK. *SIGH!!!!!! Hmmm... Too bad I lost my hp, I can't play the sermon while they are praying T.T*

Mom: Don't get involved in church activities too much.

33: Only 2 days................. >.<

Mom: Weight your time, how many hours spent on church? More than others?

33: =..=" NOT AT ALL LO!!! I am at home all the while~ Only this few days I went out more often as birthday celebration and I came back before 1am! 1230am I am already back. *I still think that I gave too little time to GOD!*

Mom: *Nothing much to say* How come didn't mop the floor already? *I am being put into duty for mopping the floor*

33: Don't know when to mop the floor also as the maid kept on changing the time of her coming here >.<"

Mom: Be more flexible la you!!!!!

33: OK, but I got do others! I took over the cooking task! Folding the clothes and putting out the laundry le.... >.<"

Mom: Always do half way work.... *After folding the clothes, I left it on the table for them to pick it up as family always complained that I mixed up their clothes.*

33:............... *Lazy to explain* I told them beforehand as I always mixed up the clothes.... For instant, now I got my sister in law stuff in my cupboard!

Mom: FINISH THE JOB NEXT TIME, it's not tidy like that....

33: OK....

Mom: *Change the topic* You didn't greet people when you see them!

33: =..=" Where got....... I DID le..... *I used to not addressing people when I came down from my room, only to my mom, don't ask why... It's a habit since young... Hahaha.. I am changing it now =) *

Mom: I used to tell you off!

33: That was last time OK! NOT now le aunty....

Mom: OK, I will check on that...

33: Check lo... I am not scare... =)

*Silent for few seconds*

I walked off.... Feeling relief..... I thank God for the conversation and it is before 25th March! =) * I promise God that I will inform my family regarding my baptism before this week*

I have 5 assignments on hand and my family will be rough on me... Many eyes will be on me now... I really wish that everybody will keep me in prayer.... Thanks...


BuBble said...

i really pity you shan... But... all I can do is to pray...? Hm... stay tough ok? God will always be with you.. God bless =)

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

Hi there buble, may I know who you r?

Hahah... Y la pity me? =..="

Thanks for your prayer and I still choose to believe that God will bring me through all this hardship. Though it is hard to cope with but it is a privilage to go through it with God.

God bless ya too~