Thursday, June 21, 2007


Only God knows my feeling now.... Somehow, I am seeking for a place... A place where nobody can find me but God.... I wish to be invisible at this very moment.... Regardless whether is it the truth or not... I have nothing to do with it.... No, I should say who am I to even care? Can I then change the truth? NO! So why bother? "You are woried and troubled about many things. But only one thing is needed" (Luke 10:41-42). Pain is all I felt.... As well as stressful.... I really wish to let go off all the cares of the world and just run to God's embrace.

Trying to stay focus on what I have in my hand instead of thinking about unnecessary things that will made me stumble and loose concentration. Be content with life Lau Shan Shang, as God provide sufficiently to all. While listening to songs, suddenly, I just wish to sing this song to the Lord.... Yes Lord, please fill me with your holy spirit and heal my broken heart...

主 我来寻求你的面
求你充满我 来充满我
主 我渴慕你的同在
你洁净我 来充满我
耶稣耶稣 耶稣耶稣
耶稣耶稣 耶稣耶稣