Saturday, December 23, 2006

Did Mary die? =P

Hmmm.. I actually forgot that I planned to write a post for my cute little LAs, Kenny and Ali. Haha.. Thanks for reminding me Kenny... Hahaha.. Opps... I revealed your name =P I doubt Ali is reading my blog, so doesn't matter.... Hahha..

I can't remember which day is it but if not mistaken, it is on the 19th of December 2006, Tuesday... I decided to go back to library and try to finish up the dwicode... Headache... So many to do! I don't know whether is that a blessing for Ali and Kenny to work with me on that day but I think it is a curse to work with me as I kept on giving them work to do during their duty hour. Hahaha.. Hey, you are on duty, what you expect me to do but give you work? Both of you seems very free to me =P I still remember the look on Ali's face... "I got work to do, I got work to do..." That is the only thing he uttered to me whenever I pass by him.. Hahaha.. Cute little guy..

I was bored as looking at the monitor and typing whole day... My brain doesn't seems to work properly on that day.. I have no idea why, suddenly I remember all those games and tricks that I learnt from camp. *Thinking* Since both of them are so stress up as I am there working with them, might as give them something to play... I started off with some tricks that I learnt from the camp... Nah... NOT FUN! Why? Because Kenny knows most of it... Cis... FINE la.. Hahha.. However, Ali didn't get most of it... Haha.. Funny~

I ran out of idea... Suddenly... I gave them a very simple questions... I thought they will figure it out very fast as I manage to catch the trick in few minutes time... Hahah.. I was so wrong! Hahah... They are more stress up before I gave them the question! Hahaha.. I asked them...

Listen carefully, did Mary die? Yes. Did Mary die? No. Now, did Mary die?

There's only boolean answer for this... Is either yes or no... Both of them are so cute!! Can you imagine? I was there basically repeating this question over and over and over.. They are tortured by this question for more than 2 hours if not mistaken... Hahah... It's 530pm and I wanted to go back but both of them kept on "sticking" to me like glue asking for the answer. Haha.. They even walked me down from the library to my car park lot! They tried to stop me and asked me to repeat the questions. Haha... SUPER CUTE!!!!

THEY ARE SO STRESS UP! Haha... When we are approaching my car... Ali managed to solve the question... Hahah.. Kenny was like.... Tak puas hati with me.. Hahah.. He asked me a 1 + 1 question yet I fall for it.. Hahah.. Enjoy myself on that day though... Hahah... I manage to tortured my colleagues =P I then fetch them to Kenny's car...

Only thing Ali asked before he left my car "Are you working tomorrow? Please don't come to work tomorrow as I am working" Hahahaa... Lucky for him as I am not free the day after... Hahah... I wonder how is his performance that day.. =P