Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wipe your slate clean?

I received this from a friend and it makes a lot of sense. Thought you guys could relate.

This morning I was getting a bite to eat at a restaurant. The waitress came by my table and muttered something in a tone I couldn't quite hear. As she's waited on me many times before, I said, "Huh?"

"New day, same old shxx," she said. Then she pushed her index finger in a downward manner, as if pressing a rewind button. She even said, "Everyday is like a recording."

I smiled and said, "Naaaah."

This brightened her day a bit - even though I really wasn't responding in a way that agreed or disagreed.

Truth is I DO agree with her. SHE is reliving each day as if it's the same.

Yet, when I go to the same restaurant and am waited on by her, each instance is totally new to me. Even if I order the same food, it's still new. I don't bring the same old me to the table each day. I bring a NEW ME, someone with fresh Aspirations, Inspiration and Ideas.

One of the biggest reasons why people have trouble succeeding is simple: They won't let go of their past.

Instead, they recall, relive and dwell on all the negatives.

Negatives like:

Previous failures
Negative opinions of others
Their own fears and self-doubts

All of these negatives are like old chalk left on a blackboard. (I love that analogy.)

It can be removed by simply taking out an eraser and wiping the slate clean. But this is only going to happen when you are willing to do so.

In order to rise above the old chalk, though, you must do MORE than wipe the slate clean though. You must also give yourself NEW instructions.

These new instructions are no different than the other words you would read on a blackboard or computer screen - with ONE major distinction. These words are Positive.

They are Pure and Powerful. And they're designed to take you where you want to go in life. They're are not designed to keep you stuck in the past.

There is a time and place to recall the past - but it's the positive past that needs to be recalled most of the time; the past that, when focused upon, causes you to create MORE success experiences.

Each night, before I go to bed, I make sure I wipe my slate clean of mistakes, failures and setbacks. I wipe the slate clean even if I think it doesn't need it - because I know that forgetting to do so makes for a slate filled with notes that someone else placed on the board. Don't let anyone put notes on your board, yourself included, unless they are leading to the fulfillment of your goal.