Monday, October 16, 2006

Discussion vs knowledge gain

Guess where am I now, while I am writing this blog... I am in the library! Yes, yes, I know, I know.. This is illegal... Yes, yes, I know I am a library assistant.. Well, this conclude that I don't have a high mental model? =P

I am darn stress... I am arranging my database (DB) notes again. I really thank God that, today, for the very first time, I understood what my lecturer is teaching! Well, it is not because she is a changed person but today's chapter is related to my past subject. Therefore, I can understand her teaching.... At least now she is not pushing the class too much...

Having a very serious headache now, that is what lead me to break the rules and blog! Really am tired... I have no idea what I have learnt today though... In one of my classes, we are suppose to have presentation and debate on the tutorial questions. However, due to the lack of preparation on the tutorial question, the lecturer ended up didn't teach anything in class. He started a discussion in our class. They started a discussion on sex education and porn. Is it really porn that lead us to have a low mental model? What happened to the world now? How come so many of the teenages are so casual regarding this issue?

I am... Speechless.... I ended up reading a book that I brought along with me... Dead boring discussion... I don't really like it when people open a discussion on such sensitive issue. Well, is not that I am not open-minded but for the fact that it doesn't have a conclusion after the end of the discussion, then why bother discussing it? If you are discussing such issue with an elder or a pastor, well I will be joining in the talk. However, I don't wish to talk on this issue in the classroom as I know it well that it will turn out to be a void conversation. In addition, you might get misleaded! True enough, after the class, I didn't gain anything. I doubt that anybody from the class gain any extra knowledge as well. Nevertheless, I think they enjoy themselve in the discussion...