Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here is the email passed by one of my friends. It's quite fun I think... Let's get started...

A man wanted to get into his work building, but he had forgotten his code. However, he did remember five clues. These are what those clues were:

The fifth number plus the third number equals fourteen.
The fourth number is one more than the second number.
The first number is one less than twice the second number.
The second number plus the third number equals ten.
The sum of all five numbers is 30.

What were the five numbers and in what order?

For those who do not receive the email contains the same riddle from me, will reveal the answer by next week... =P

Have Fun in solving the riddle...

Lin ^ ^

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For answer, view the above link next week, I am so lazy to post out the answer =P

Answer (From Ms Huat Huat, taken from her blog....)

Take the 5 numbers as: a, b, c, d, e

Based on the clues:
e + c = 14
d = 1 + b
a = 2b – 1
b + c = 10
a + b + c +d + e = 30

… to make it easier let’s make every number has the same variable (this case take ‘b’ as the standard)

a = 2b -1
c = 10 – b
d = 1 + b
For e, 14 – e = c in which, c = 10 – b, substitute these 2 formula
14 – e = 10 – b
4 = e – b
e = 4 + b

The substitute all the formulas above to
a + b + c +d + e = 30
(2b-1) + b + (10–b) + (1+b) + (4+b) = 30
4b + 14 = 30
4b = 16
b = 4

a = 2b – 1
a = 7

c = 10- b
c = 6

d = 1 + b
d = 5

e = 4 + b
e = 8

Now, the man can enter the office with this code: 74658

Some might have more effective way in solve this riddle, anyway, as long as it can let the man enter the office, it should be fine. Haha =P


William said...

Haha.. the fella can remember all 5 clues but cannot remember 5 digits?


Shan Shang said...

-.-" Don't la be so logical thinking... Cis... hahaha...

It's fun though, try figure it out ^^

Good luck...

Sileast20 said...

I was counting with my fingers and I sort of tide my fingers together out of frustration. So I suppose I will try again tomorrow when I am sane a little coz i am so sleepy now.

Shan Shang said...

Hahahaha.... An advice for you....

Try to use this method:
_ _ _ _ _


30 - 14 = 16
therefore 1st, 2nd, 4th == 16 in total...

Nah... Give you a big big clue already... the rest... Hehehe... Figure it out from there. It should be easy for you now ^^

Sileast20 said...

I am giving it a shot after a few lost of brain matter....

The answer is : "3,6,4,7,10"

That's if the guy is using a rotating knob lock encryption. Th old way.

Shan Shang said...

Emmm... That's 6 number instead of 5.... The 3rd and 5th == 14 meaning your only available combination will be 9+5, 8+6, 7+5. If you put there 10, that's 2 digit already ^^

Your 1st number is wrong because it should be (a^2)- 1

//Assuming that a = second number.
//Because The first number is one less than TWICE the second number.

That means, your 2nd and 4th is wrong as well... Hahaha...

Lin ^ ^ said...

eh?! Ur solution seems will be a bit different from mine o... next friday check it out, how my logic flow...

Mid Point POSTPONED!!! Yay =)

Shan Shang said...

Buahaha.. It doesn't matter as long as I get the answer =P

Different path to reach a destination, but as long as you reach there, it doesn't matter. Hoho.. ^^

Once you post your answer let me know over here.. =P So that I will add a link over to your blog... C c c, promote your blog! ^^

Lin ^ ^ said...

=.= I add d.. Come n take... Just copy and paste la... no need to promote one... i'm not doing business oso... I won't failed u for not doing referencing...hoho...

Lin ^ ^ said...

=.= I add d.. Come n take... Just copy and paste la... no need to promote one... i'm not doing business oso... I won't fail u for not doing referencing...hoho...

Shan Shang said...

Puik.... I don't know what is referencing... what is that?? =P

Hahaha... Mana tau nanti malaikat mu muncul dalam hidup u through my blog? =P Hahahhaah... *Shake butt*

Sileast20 said...

arrggghhhh...... okie, is over now. Was bad in math's anyway.

Shan Shang said...

Hahaha... Is ok.... At least you try and work things out rather than waiting for the answer to come ^.^

Kouji Shotiwuth said...

arghh.. my brains hurt.. i hate math >;( *grumpy*

Shan Shang said...

Yo, welcome Kouji...

-.-" OF COZ LA HURT!!! U are doing math in the middle of the night! How can you expect your brain to work? Hahaha... So cute la u!