Friday, March 28, 2008

A special thanks to all...

Many things took place within this few days. I learnt many things through small small things in life though =) Am thankful for all things and all those people whom God sent forth to remind me of all those things that I considered as minor, yet playing a big role in life.

My birthday is history, but I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who took so much effort to make that day a memorial day for me. A special thanks to my family and their presents. A special thanks to those who bought me a cake, a special thanks to those who celebrated my birthday with me, a special thanks to those who went out with me and treat me dinner, a special thanks to those who gave me a present, a special thanks to those who spent their precious time and money to call me from a far away land (I don't expect your calls, especially Mr. Carrot. I really didn't expect that!!), a special thanks to a friend who purposely spent his time collecting McPuppy for me, a special thanks to those who messaged me and convey their wishes. The list goes on and on... But nevertheless, with a heart of thanksgiving, I am thankful for having the opportunity to meet with all these people and having the opportunity to have another on earth.

Well, to be honest, I was shock and surprise with all those celebration, as I mentioned earlier, I didn't expect myself to celebrate my birthday this year, but I really appreciate much on your effort, time and money spent on me. Thankful because I know I don't deserve all those.

My birthday lesson?
2) Be content and complain less
3) Always be thankful with what I have because I am undeserving yet God is gracious to bless me all things.
4) The importance of friendship and family bounding.
5) Do what is necessary as a child of Papa and leave the rest in His hand.

OK, few more weeks to endure and I will be finish with my semester 1. Hopefully all things will go on well =) Gambateh neh!! *Busy mode on*


~e^c*h@~ said...

happy birthday!
may each and every day of your life be filled with joy and hope!

Shan Shang said...

=) Thanks!