Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy vs uncomfortable

Currently taking my 15 minutes break from my CIMISO. Madness assignment, my draft is getting longer and longer (-.-)" I'm not sure whether is that a good or a bad thing. I just hope whatever is my in draft is according to the lecturer's expectation, else, I'm as good as dead. Ah... Planning is harder than I thought it is.... >.<" Nevertheless, I am still learning, so... Be patience and stay focus ya!

Happy because I am learning to plan before writing. "failure to plan is planning to fail."
Happy because I manage to wake up a little bit earlier than yesterday.
Happy because I "stole" a comfortable pillow from 737 and family.
Happy because I am still alive today and able to carry on my daily work ^.^

Uncomfortable because I am still having back pain.
Uncomfortable because I am still a little hurt due to a friend who betray my trust.
Uncomfortable because I am still unable to give in my full concentration because my neighbor's dog is barking the whole day for no reason.
Uncomfortable because I my eye lids seem to close down all the time. ZZZZzzzzZZzzzzz
Uncomfortable because I have tonnes of assignments to work on. Sigh...

Bah... Though there are many reasons to be uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be a reason or excuse for me for not doing what I am suppose to do. Though there are many reasons to be sad rather than happy in life, but God gave me more reasons to smile even though the sky is currently dark. Press on ya 633! Gambatte neh!

To all who are facing "peak hour", good luck and gambatte neh!
OK~ Back to work! ^^


Lin ^ ^ said...

Hoho... Step by step... CIMISO has been conquered now... Hoping for the best, as this lecturer is really unique. Dunno wat he wants... =____=

Luckly he is not CLL.. if not he is so dead to teach our intake.. hoho

Shan Shang said...

I haven finish CIMISO!!!!!! Thank God I asked him on my work, else I will fail the assignment!

Yeah step by step. Sigh... Hopefully I have the time.

-.-" I know you started to fell in love with the feedback system.... Hahah... But... Be merciful ya... Hahaha...