Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's day to all

Happy valentine's day to all the readers.

Yes, it's a very special day to many out there but does anyone remember God when they are happily celebrating their day with their loved ones? Don't you think that it is because of the opportunity given by God therefore you are able to meet with all you loved ones? Don't you realize that without God, who first loves you, you can't even love another person?

Don't you then wish to have an eternal life with your loved one? You can... Because God has provided us a way... Repent of you sin and trust in Him and only Him alone. Now then how long do you wish to linger outside of God's kingdom? How long? Until the point where you are going to die, then only you start panicking? Don't you think it is useless then when you don't even know when you are going to leave this world? Repent of your sin and come to Christ as no one else can save you expect for Him.

Ahh... Getting emotional... I think it's because someone passed away lately and it triggered me to think even more regarding life..

Anyway, Happy Valentine's day to all and may you have an enjoyable time with your loved ones ^^