Sunday, May 14, 2006

Money isn't anything...

Got this from a dear friend... I am touched by her action when I saw what she wrote in her address book about my first name and last name... "Shan Shang" "My good friend"... Simple words yet it melted my heart.... Allow me to share what she shared with me in that very mail... =)

With money you can buy a house BUT NOT a home
With money you can buy a clock BUT NOT time
With money you can buy a bed BUT NOT sleep
With money you can buy a book BUT NOT knowledge
With money you can see a doctor BUT NOT good health
With money you can buy a position BUT NOT respect
With money you can buy a blood BUT NOT life
With money you can buy a sex BUT NOT love

How true these words are... Lately I realise something very important in my life.. How much I left out... How much blessing I have missed due to my stubbornness, due to my stupidity, due to my blindness... How this world have draw me away from God... Help me Lord to be more like You each day! Just as my dear friend said "when you have faith in God, there is nothing He CAN'T do!" As I hang on to You, show me the path that You have prepared for me...


sorceror said...

I do agree and support throughout...that money isn't all!! There is more to life then money,,it is just a desire,,that can more problems..When ever i see the poor live happy with such less things in their life,, is because they are contended with things..NOt like us,,when we get someting,, we want someting more...It is all in the mindset.Hopefully i manage to change myself also..

CherCherz said...

Haha..i also get this email from her..
True of what she said..Money isn't everything.. there are something that you can't buy with money like Me.. hehe.. like family friendship and love.
One of my friend once told be.. be contended of what i have.. as there are many people out there are suffering not because of poorness..but also mentally and heartly..
Take care ya

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=) glad u all are browsing through my blog n leaving me comment thanks.. hope this will remind others... God bless ya..