Tuesday, April 29, 2008

John Bunyan

Was reading a book in the morning and this prayer always came into my mind though I am now almost finishing the book (for your information the prayer was said in the first few chapter of the book).... It is a prayer by John Bunyan..

O Lord, I am a fool and not able to know Truth from Error. Lord leave me not to my own blindness, either to approve of or to condemn, this doctrine. If it be of God, let me not despise it; if it be of the Devil, let me not embrace it. Lord, I lay my soul, in this matter, only at Thy foot; let me not be deceived, I humbly beseech (Ask for or request earnestly) Thee.

Yes, somehow, I am still reluctant to do things that I had in mind. Though I am convicted that I should be carrying out the task but somehow, I am afraid... Afraid that I will be getting negative responds. May that fear be taken away... May it be far far far away from me... May I be like the Lord Jesus Christ who obeyed His Father's will even though it is difficult for Him to bear it. As the prayer uttered above, "if it be of God, let me not despite it and let me not embrace it if that is from the devil." May I do only what is required by God and not my own self-will.