Monday, April 14, 2008


Looking at a father, shedding tears in front of the people, my heart instantly felt the pain within. Yesterday was a day that I marked down on my calender only with one sentence. 爸的泪。

A cry baby actually went down on her knee, being so thankful that she is not in that situation anymore. Nevertheless, the pain in her remains... Not the pain from the past but the pain that she felt from a father. She could never imagine the pain was so great. NEVER in her life. Yes, what dear said is really true, how merciful and gracious our Father of heaven is. How the crying baby wishes that the girl or should I say woman, will really see the pain that the father is going through. Not only the earthly father but the heavenly Father.

Philippians 3:13-14
May I look up and only upwards and not backwards. May I not fall into the same situation.. May the woman turn away from her own desires and be patience with the Lord's plan.


Sileast20 said...

I also felt it and I really felt the sadness of both the parent's having such a situation to face. I pray that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY would make her realised that she is blessed with parent's who really care for her and want's her to to return to seek GOD. And I trust that the LORD would not forsake them, instead lead them in Life.

Shan Shang said...