Tuesday, September 4, 2007

To obey is better than sacrifice..

I fell in love with the song by the late Keith Green - To obey is better than sacrifice...
(available download from http://cfellowshiponline.com/?q=node/52)

I presume it is taken from the passage of 1 Samual 15:22. Reading his life is really interesting... I don't really have time to read it during weekdays hence, I read it every Sunday... ^^ I really like him! How blunt he is in his speech and how strong his determination he has.... Hmm.. Can't tell much about his story as I haven finish reading... Maybe you can have a look at some of his life testimonial from YouTube...


~e^c*h@~ said...

Dear Shan Shang,
I like this song a lot too, especially the milk or meat part. I questioned myself whether I'm still a baby spiritually or yearning to be an adult.
The new school term has commenced, which means now I have to attend to the different pressing needs from colleagues, church leaders and lecturers of my part-time Master's degree programme. Multi-tasking is indeed very challenging and there is no other way to live a day better than trusting in God and His promises.
Sometimes while I am having a quick lunch at my desk in the staff room, I'll visit you here or Erlen at 'Thoughts Unleashed'. You have very different styles but you both make me smile, think and blessed with your thoughts and conversation with God.
So, basically I'm writing to express my gratitude and that I'm thinking of you. Hope you are getting along well with those law documents. :)

Best wishes,
Echo @ HK

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

Yeah glad you like the song... There's more songs to DL in CFOnline. It's at my blog link that side...

Gambateh in serving the Lord.. May we do the best for Him in life. ^^