Thursday, September 20, 2007


我不知为什么,可是无论你说了什么,我都是半信半疑的,应该是从一年前开始的吧。。我真的希望我这一次的猜测是错的。我真的希望这一次真的是有意外所以一切都得改变。。 当你对我说你因为家人需求,所以比不得已的离开,我真得很想相信你的话语,但,为何你的话语与你的网络所说的完全是唱反调?你开始不诚实了吗?希望不是如此。。。 如果你真地想欺骗我,那, 在此刻,我,承认我是个笨蛋。我也不应该在我休息时间登陆你的网站。我应该好好利用我的时间来休息。。

如果你真的是说了这个谎言是因为你知道我会生气,那你真的错了,我会比你不说谎言来得更生气。我想我不应该用“生气” 两个字来形容自己,乃是用“失望”。 你知道最伤痛的事件是什么吗?认识你已有一段时间,但,你的改变是我万万不想再去想象的一幕。不瞒你说,我以预料你会变得如此,但不是在那么短时间里。我。。。 放弃和你做朋友的那一幕了。。 我依然会像朋友如此的爱你,但,我很清楚地了解,你永不再是从前的你。。。

谎言像一朵鲜花, 外表美丽,生命短暂。。。


Anonymous said...

I duno what is going on between u and ur fren.. But dun let it be an excuse to make urself tired and dissapointed k..

Anonymous said...

sorry i m amy

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

已不再是我烦恼的范围里头, 一切都不重要了。 失去的东西永不能再找回。除非,上帝的安排。如不,泼出去的水永不能在“捡起来“。过去让它成为过去。在神的恩典,我会爬起来的 ^^

Thank you for comment and encouragement. Appreciate much. Gambateh in study yo!

Anonymous said...

if you say it is no more in the parameter of urs, why are u stil bothered by it?

Once, a friend told me, to let go things that are bothering u, that will affect your daily life. As human are born in this life to solve prob and to enjoy life. Not to let prob "solve" us..

Hehe..So hope everything is alright la then.


- @ 3.3 @ - said...

Hahahaha... To me... It is no more in my parameter anymore, that's why I am not bothered about the incident after that day onwards. I have draw a very clear line previously, but now, the line is drawn even clearer. Whereby things will never be the same as it is last time.

I have let go of all the things regarding the issue and never wish to encounter it anymore. I know God's plan is always the best, if it is so, then let it be. I can't be crying whole time over the things that I have lost, even a dear friend. ^^

To write is to express, and it also served as a purpose of reminding me not to do things that is wrong / things that will made the Lord sad.. =)