Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wield the knife

Can a kitchen do well without a knife? Yes, maybe scissors can be a temporary replacement tool to cut things but can it replace the position of the knife? Never... Never ever... So which will you choose? A temporary scissors to cut your foods? Or a knife?
All the while, I thought I was using a sharp knife to cut my foods, however, things doesn't turn out to be so as I realise that I am actually using a scissors! I can really see the effect now... How inefficient I am... God gave me a knife to use in the kitchen and He told me all the benefit of the knife and disadvantages of a scissors. However, God gave me a choice to chose whether I want to use the knife or scissors in my kitchen... *Acting smart* Thinking that I have made the right choice, I told God that scissors is better... What happened next? Inefficiency and ineffectiveness came in the picture...
Who is suffering now? God? Definitely not.... Me, me and me alone.... Who can help to clean up all the mes?? Me? Definitely not... God can... I am really hopeless now... I have nothing in my hand... Absolutely nothing on hand... I only know one thing well... Own desires, that is not according to God's will, need to be cut off... Wield the knife and cut it off... Yes, it is hard... Who doesn't know that... I am experienced it right now... Strength is from God... No one else but Him can help you... I really hope that His grace and mercy will be upon me... Keep me in prayer.. I need much strength to go through this.. May His name be glorify.. Amen..