Friday, September 15, 2006

Kuantan trip (31/08/2006 - 3/09/2006)

Cool camera... Canon PowerShot A80. With its 4.0 Megapixels, the PowerShot A80 can create high-resolution images. Its has a 3x optical zoom, ideal for shooting everything from landscapes to portraits. Approximately 11x combined digital and optical zoom. Easy-to-use Mode Dial with 12 shooting modes such as Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Movie and full manual modes. The PowerShot A80 can automatically detect your subject, even if it's off-center in the frame. Its has a vari-angle LCD that can be twisted in different directions to free you from shooting constraints. It's ideal for shots that require tricky positioning.
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Thanks to Mike's camera, I manage to catch some cool pictures while I am on a trip to Kuantan on Merdeka day. I am so so so so tempted to get a digital camera of my own... *looking and searching inside my pocket* *head suddenly look forward, with a sad face* *pulling out my pocket* Sigh... Empty.... My dream camera...
The EX-Z1000 has an effective 10.1 million pixels of resolution, captured on a large 1/1.8-inch format, high resolution CCD. Add to this the Exilim Engine high-performance image processor, and the camera delivers highly expressive images and reproduces a wide tonal range. Though small enough to be held in the palm of the hand, the camera also incorporates an impressively large 2.8-inch, Wide and Bright LCD display. This high-resolution, 230,400 pixel LCD displays images and data with outstanding clarity and fine detail. With a maximum brightness of 1200cd/m2, the EX-Z1000s Wide and Bright display makes viewing in bright outdoor light easier than ever before.
Yes, yes, I don't need that precise camera but hey if you are to get a camera might as well get the best out of the best right =P I like the Olympus Stylus SW.. That is super suitable for a person like me... Reason? Shockproof, waterproof, image stabalization mode etc ( This is super cooL~
Hey... I am going off topic! I am suppose to post pictures that I took using the Canon PowerShot A80... Forgive me for bringing all of you going through my fancy world... Hehe... Ok Ok.. I will post my pictures now and stop my winding =P
This is a view of Taman Gelorah (Not certain with the spelling, so please excuse me ya Kuantan people... And more...
This is actually a park... Normally people will go there to jog, play basketball etc... They even have pony there! I didn't manage to get a picture of that though... Hehe... I got many pictures but I won't post everything here... Take a lot of time for me to upload it... If you want to see the full version of it... Do browse through my friendster photo album, I have put most of the pictures there... *Yawn*
HOLD ON~~~ This two pictures that I am about to post... Is really.... Really... A must see pictures! Hold your breathe now.. Ready?? Scroll down...
A car with such "beautiful" car plat =.=" Look at the road sign... Isn't that extra big? Kuantan people can't really see the road sign that well? Hmm... It looks funny though... And to catch this photo, sir purposely slow down the car jsut to make sure that I got a picture of that road sign.. Haha... Ok la... I think I will post in another post.. It is getting longer and longer.. I think most of you are asleep now after reading my blog =P


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nevertheless, nice shot!

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*Vomit blood*
haha... Well, I myself can't deny it that this trip is better than the previous one *Bluek*