Monday, September 11, 2006

What is this?

What a day... Been looking through some blogs and I was really amaze with one of my friend's blog! He is a super busy person yet his blog is super nice! I didn't view his blog for quite some time now but the moment I step foot in his blog again I was amaze... It is so fun when you got a lot of knowledge of website... Sigh... My dream... I want to play with websites! Teach me!~

Don't know what happened to my connection today. I can't log in MSN T.T I can't even log in to my wordpress site.. I don't know what I did but wordpress actually suspend my account! *Looking at my hands* Wao I didn't know I am that powerful... I manage to make wordpress suspend me! I am dead... However, I didn't waste my time just pressing the "refresh" button... I went to church website and downloaded all the sermon... Yeah at last the thumbdrive is working fine and my computer is able to detect it perfectly! Praise be with the Lord!

Tomorrow will be a hectic day for me... May His words be with me... Allow me to be calm in all circumstances. I don't wish to abase myself by showing off my weakness.... I want to get rid my weakness as much as possible... Can I? I need strength... The lesson that God wants me to learn is a very very hard lesson. Nevertheless, I know I can overcome it as it is not by my might but His. This will be a hard month for me, your prayer is much needed... Many lesson to be learn... My level 2 will be starting soon.... 28th of September 2006.... The first day of my semester. I am the only person who take up Business Computing T.T Sad case... May He leads me! My scholarship is still pending and guess what... Today I just received a letter from APIIT!


You have received this auto-generated notification, due to one or more of the following possible reasons:

1. You have outstanding assessments which have not been completed
2. There is a possible problem with your fee payment status
3. The Programme Leader needs to meet you to discuss matters related to your programme of study

As such, it is important that you call personally at our Administrative Services Counter on Level 1 as soon as possible to meet with our Administrative Executive, so as to enable us to assist you.
We would appreciate it if you would do so within 2 weeks of receiving this notification.
Our Administrative Services counters at TPM are open as per the following operational hours:

Mondays to Fridays - 8.30am to 8.00pm

Should you require further clarification and information, please contact the following:

Ms. Zuliana Tong or Ms. Mumtaaz Begum at Tel. 03-89961000 (APIIT/UCTI TPM)

You may also write in to

Thank you.

Hmm... I don't know what to do... Haha.. I did reply the mail asking them to follow up with Mr Anthony for further information... Hai... I waive white flag to APIIT. A "GREAT" college... Very good indeed~


Mike said...

Aikz.. take care of your health leh... sleep more... like what i'm doing now after exams.. home straight hug pillow and flat on the bed.. XD get well soon leh.. pray harder and God Bless.. :) go apiit and play.. good environment.. XD

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=.=" Thanks for prayer but... GOOD ENVIRONMENT.... Err....