Friday, July 28, 2006

Unattended blog...

Wao... For quite some time this blog is unattended. Thanks to something that I am playing with currently.. A hectic week I can say... I just finish my final exam for my diploma and one weeks has past! Time really flies... When is the last time you all stop your horses and take a rest? Well, after so many months of torturing life, I decided to make full use of my first week of my holiday... To do something that I long for so long so long... SHOPPING! I went out shopping for 2 days and I ended up with a very big pocket but with a very big hole as well... =.="
Due to that matter, starting from next week, I will be working like mad... Turning to a workaholic very very soon. From a dweeb changing to be a workaholic... Sad case... Well, this is the life of APIIT... What else can I ask for more? So many pending job on hand... I can hardly breathe... Suffocating... Scholarship, library, result, family, friends, self, and many more! Worrying too much... Head can't stop spinning... I can hardly sleep early...
Lately I am facing stomach ache and my hand is killing me as well... I think I didn't eat according to the meal time... Every part of my body is not functioning well I think... Hmm.. Praying for healing to take place... Let His will be done..
It is late... I need to rest now as I am working tomorrow morning... I will be updating something interesting on the next post.. I hope I can... =) Till then take care... May the spirit of the Lord be with each and everyone of you.
To those who are facing exam and assignments
Father Lord, I uphold each and everyone who are rushing their assignment or having their test into Your might hand. I pray that Lord, You will take away their worries and problems, may Your peace from above rain down on them. I pray that Lord, You will help them to give the best out of themselve in their task. I pray that Lord, Your knowledge and wisdom will be upon them so that they can solve all those questions they have in hand. I pray that lord You will help them to manage their time well so that they can hand in their answer on time. May You Lord be with them. All this I pray in Jesus name. Amen.
* I know many are stress out and I am not sure how many will read my blog but I will keep you all in prayer... Have faith in God and push forward... Seek Him first and others will be done for you... =) Take care brothers and sisters...


Mike said...

Lolz.. finally a new post.. @@ after soooo long.. T-T big pocket with big hole.. know that feeling.. hahaha!

@@.. take care of your self leh.. stomach aching problematic.. i always face it.. T_T will be praying for you on that.. :)

anyways.. post more leh.. always looking forward to something new here.. XD

*faithful visitor*

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

Haha.. sweatness... =) will take care.. thanks for prayer =)

Something new? Hmm.... Head is spinning very good but hand aren't helping.. So... heheh.. Appreciate every moment in my blog =P Might be leaving... still reluctant... ehhe..