Thursday, July 13, 2006

Peace be with you...

To a person that I hardly know,

I was shock by your action, very shock indeed... If you are reading my blog, I just want you to know that God is watching you. What ever you do, what ever you said, what ever you think, God knows... It doesn't matter whether you acknowledge the present or God or not. As God is there, not because you think He is there.. He is there even before the creation of the world whether or not you acknowledge His present.
All I can do is to pray for you and may God lead you back to His embrace. Internet is a modern technology that allowed us to communicate with each other. The existance of the internet manage to made the world "smaller"... However, human will always be human.... When they are given a chance to use the internet they tend to misuse it... I can assure you that what you did is wrong... Not only it is wrong in terms of the law but also in God's eye. If you think that the government can't do anything about you let me tell you that God CAN!
May the peace of the Lord be with you...
Heavenly Father, as I uphold this person into Your hand may You Lord forgive all his sin and wash away his sin. I pray that Lord you would soften his heart, open his ears and open his eyes. I pray that Lord, You will give him an opportunity to know You and to see You. I pray that Lord, You will reveal Yourself to him. Speak to him personally and guide him out of his sinful nature. I pray that Lord, You will use me mightily to help this person. Let Your will be done in our life O Lord. Uphold my prayer into Your hand, may You Lord listen to my prayer and answer them. All this I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.