Monday, August 7, 2006


Madness.... SUPER MADNESS.... I can't even go online T.T Stupid virus... Conquered my computer T.T I can't do anything right now.. I am now at my friend's house backing up my stuff. "Virus detected" is all I see... T.T Feel like crying... Why my computer? A big hand to my brother who "invites" virus into my PC. Gone case...

I am so so so so not use with my life now... I can't do my stuff! I can't go online and check my duty schdule, I can't update my blog, I can't write my scholarship letter, I can't listen to MP3, so many stuff I can't do! I am basically at home reading my bible and watching TV. However, I am spending more time with myself and God.... Many interesting things happened in my life. Tonnes of important decisions to made and at the same time holding on to God's word. Many in head... Heavy... I am like a ET now... Hehe...

I broke one of my promise towards God T.T REPEND! Tomorrow I going to make things right. Constantly praying for myself, family and friends. I really wish to have a change life. I want a life that is strking for perfection. A life that God wants me to live. Thought it is hard but I know by God grace and mercy I can and will have a better life. I wish to get baptise this year, may He opens ways for me. Everything seems so impossible in my life but through God, I know all things are possible. May He lead me and guide me.

Keep me in prayer.... I really need strength! GAMBATEH~~


Mike said...

BBBZzzzzzzz.... *flies around*.. Dun worry.. in a few more days your pc will be up and running.. pray hard that the problem can be solved easily.. if not... tak tau apa mau cakap luuu.. you need proper "Cracked" antivirus.. :P then proper firewall enuf edi.. anyways.. all these happen for a reason.. spend more time with God leh and less on pc.. *looks at myself*... urm.. me be needin to be doin the same thing too.. XD

Will always be keeping ya in prayers.. gambatteh neh!! XD pray that God will help ya make the right decisions.. :) *flies away*

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

*spray shieldtox*
Muahaha... Keeping my blog clean and tidy.

oO~~ wat is firewall? wall with fire =P Haha... People study business but don't know from where a "IT nyamuk" come in buat kacau =P

Thanks for prayer though... True, He gives and He takes away. Learning a very big lesson... At the same time learning a lot of technical stuff hehe... thanks... =)

Mike said...

shieldtox.. perfume??? hehehe!! *sniff sniff* smell nice leh.. bwahahaha!

firewall ar... a wall.. with kerosene.. then must get a lighter and light the wall.. hehehehehehehe!!! its a anti hacker program.. :)Business student should know a lil bit mar.. sum more you partial IT edi leh.. hehehe!! cannot deny it.. wakakaka!

good good.. must learn as much technical stuff as you can.. then can join the dweeb club.. :P

- @ 3.3 @ - said...

=.=" i know what is fire wall la... juz playing around... ISSHHH!!! NOUUU... NVR WISH TO BE A DWEEB LIKE U! =P