Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A poem from friend

A friend wrote this poem for me and I didn't realise that I kept this for such a long time!

Reach for the star,
Follow ur dreams,
Success is really,
As far as it seems,

Have faith in urself,
And things u can do,
U have the ability,
It's all on u,
Belive u can do it,
And it will be done,
U'll reach those stars,
Ur victory will be won.
u'll be in my future,
as u were in my past,
a friendship like our,
was just meant to last.

-wish you a world of luck!

Shoot for the moon,even if you miss,
You'll land among the stars!


laith said...

i wan the moon...dun wan stars,,,haha...I wil shoot for the moon,,n try my level best to reach there...HEhe,,Wish u the same,,,and all the best in completing your assignments and preparing for your exams that are around the corner...Take care..

- @ 3.3 @ - said...