Saturday, June 17, 2006


I am total worn out... Just finish of my SAD homework. I have one submission and 1 test next week. I give thanks to the Lord that they have extend the due date! However, please keep me in intense prayer as I am seriously stress out and I haven finish my assignment that need to be submit on this coming Tuesday! *wave white flag* HELP!
No idea what is ahead of me but I must hang on to God and push forward! I have no more strength in me... I doubt I have a conscience mind now... From Friday day up till now, what bothered me a lot is my study and personal life. Friday incident really hit on me hard! My head kept on thinking about that incident! I have no idea why but all I know is I want to flee from this place. It is just a small issue though yet my brain is putting on the critical mode... I can hardly sleep well these day as my brain, sub-conscience mind is not resting.. Waking up feeling even more tired before I sleep.
Friday is a day where I enjoy myself yet at the same time feeling sad. I went for a movie on Friday and the movie is great! Fast and the Furious, Drifting King! My dream show haha... Yet on the same day itself, I have a burden heart. I don't wish to write it down what has happened here but I know God will heal me and help me to overcome all this. I believe God allowed this to happened for a reason. No matter what happened, I will try my level best to look at the lesson behind the incident. Slowly I am getting the picture but it is not the full picture yet, so I will be patient and wait on Him.
Let His will be done in my life...