Saturday, January 26, 2008

Head, where are you??

Head a bit "off" today... It's PSF submission day... I went back college purposely just to submit a stupid form called ethics form... Actually, Amy handed in on my behalf...

Doing PSF whole day till 630pm?? Lost count... I submitted it before I took my dinner. I went to Youth Fellowship after that... My heart was very burdened once I went to Youth Fellowship. Many things started to pop up in my head... I think the project took up most of my time until I don't have the time to think on things... The words from Psalm kept on ringing in my head... The burden suddenly became so great... I never realized that all this while, I have been neglecting a person that I loved so much, someone so dear to me... Though I lost contact with that person, though prayers are uttered on behalf of that person, is it really sufficient?? I really don't feel right... I know I should have done something long ago, yet I didn't. Is too late then to regret? I still have time, that's what I tell myself... Because that person is still alive, that person is still on this earth!

Though feeling reluctant to go, I think I will most probably just go there for a walk and God willing, I will buy what I have in my mind now...

*Endzzzz of EMO post*

I was browsing through my picture folders and I suddenly came across something interesting.... Look, observe and tell me about it! Hahaha... Specially dedicated to Amy and Da.... ^^ *Dialogue are created by me and only me... Enjoy ^^*

A day when a student whom wish to show off that he's more clever than the lecturer..
It's just a fine gay day, in APIIT auditorium.... A student, N, decided to point out to the lecturer that he's teaching the wrong things to the student.... Therefore.....

N: Look sir, this is wrong!!!! Here, let me show you the correct way of solving this problem..
Lecturer: Sure, sure, go ahead, the white board is all your's.
*N started writing*
N: There... Do you need me to explain it for you?? *acting cool*
*Thinking mode on*
*Change position..... Sedang memeras otak... DND mode...*
Lecturer: Tell me what's this...
N: Oh.... *He answered*
Lecturer: Ok.... What about that??
Lecturer: Can you or can you not answer that??
Lecturer: *turning to the class* See class, this is a good example of wrong teaching...
Students: *clap hand*
Lecturer: Yeah yeah, I know I'm good ^^

A lame story from a lame person.. What you expect??? Hahah... Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

OMG,,this picture was so long ago (1 year)..HAha..almost forgotten how "cute" is Mr Tan..


Shan Shang said...

Yeah... I still remember I used my precious 6233, which is no more w me now, to take all those pictures.. Remember how people sitting at the back roll laugh at my actions? I even took down the video... Sigh... The thief la!!! >.<" PUIK!

Yeah... Miss him le... Hahaha... 00~~~~ Da Da 00