Thursday, January 17, 2008

Disappointment again??

A day whereby the word "disappointment" is written so clearly on my forehead.... Not disappointed on others but myself. How many times I have to remind myself not to do things that are unpleasant to God's eyes??? How many times exactly???

I started my day by waking up late for class. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Class was at 830am and I woke up at 8am SHARP! I actually woke up at 630am but ended up dating with my bolster again without setting the alarm clock. Smart huh? Thank God that I woke up at 8am, though I was late for class but at least I was present. ZZzzzZzzzzZZz... Ya, the lecturer wasn't happy when I walked into the class at almost 9am thanks to the traffic jam and my "handicap" arm. My arm was aching like mad when I was driving as I didn't rest my arm well yesterday. For your information my arm hurts after the fall on Friday. I can hardly use my right arm now as it's getting more and more painful. Yes, even typing hurts, that's why I'm using only my left hand.

I enjoyed today classes only excluding the part whereby my cute lecturer gave us our assignments. @.@" 3 assignments on hand plus a FYP. I am really suffocating........ Stress...... I later on met up with my supervisor and there goes..... I transfered most of my stress disease to him.... I think he won't want to see me more after this.. Sigh... Just disappointing with self because I'm not thinking enough. Disappointed because I did not remember most of the stuff that I had studied. Disappointed because my life is not showing a good example.

Nevertheless, I'll not give up! Since it is a new year and if I persevere on I know I can graduate and hopefully to be a better person. In addition, I have a strength coming from above, why should I be afraid?? Look forward and gambateh!!! Never give up and press on ya!!! ^^

p/s: TQ dear for your sms ^^ Will gambateh over here!! Pray much for me ya =)


Lin ^ ^ said...

Yo yo... Pity our supervisor... Haha...

Ganbatte ne!!! Just take things step by step... I'm able to get back on the right track, coz of ur input... =P Thanx for that...

Anyway, as Aya (One Litre of Tears) said "...Everyone takes things step by step..."

Just put our best n Hope for the best! =)

737 said...

*head spinning still*

Shan Shang said...

Gambateh neh... Prove to 737 that we can do it.. Maybe not with an excellent work but a work with our best effort ^^

Yeah, trying to do things step by step. If I think to the end there, I think I will stress out more and can't do my work... >.<"

Hahaha... I think 737 expected that from me already la.. But I don't think he expect it to turned out so badly HAHAHA... Ok... Shouldn't laugh so loud as it's my mistakes *bow to 737* Sorry lo.... Didn't intend it but it just happened >.<"

I bring panadol for you whenever I meet with you next time ok?? *.*