Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas to all... Though it's a little too late to say so... Anyway, I am very happy today yet at the same time disappointed and sad.

Sad and disappointed, because my parents nor friends were there to witness the event. Though discouraging, but I know I am not alone in this walk on earth. I shall stand firm and please God in every single step I take. I know He has His own plan. I know God had a better plan ^^
Sad and disappointed, because people who are dear to me are still outside of the Kingdom. Though so, my prayers will be utter out even more and hoping for a transformation of life to take place. I know it well that God is working in each and every heart... Patient and press on!

Happy, because God allowed all things to be good today.
Happy, because I am baptized together with my sister, Willy.
Happy, because I manage to share my testimony with the hearers. Though it's not a good and perfect testimonial, but may all glory be with God.
Happy, because many came to witness the event.
Happy, because I got xmas presents from the church and a brother.
Happy, because I am certain on my faith and knowing that I will meet with God in heaven when I were to die.
Happy, because I had a nice time at pastor's place.
Happy, because I had a great and happy meal with 737 and his wife together with my darling.
Happy, because God made all things happened today.

In short, it is a memorable Christmas indeed. I'll be going shopping tomorrow as someone dear to me is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. Hoping to get a present for him by then. ^^ Ya, miss those day where I went out shopping alone and feeling free on what I want to do.... Hopefully to go to my favorite place to shop ^^

Signing off