Monday, July 23, 2007


I tried... I really do... Only God knows what I have done for this past few years... I know that is not my best out of the best, but I am really trying my best to concentrate.... The pain is never easy to overcome... Regardless how tears were shed but the pain will not go away from my heart. I give thanks to the Lord that all this while, He is there to support me and taking care of my life. THough just a dull and lonely life, God never let go of His hand upon me... Remind me one of my favourite Sunday school song...



Yes, I am as though a small flower by the road side whereby rarely people notice my existance in this world. However, just because I am small, that doesn't mean God is looking down at me... How I wish to sing praises to Him and worship Him as He has been good to be... Stay focus 633...