Sunday, January 1, 2006

* Welcome to the year 2006 *

Happy New Year! It is a brand new year, aren’t you all excited? Resolution? Aims? Goals? Anything in mind?

I had a very tough day…. Very tough… It is the last day of 2005 yet I had a tough day… God! Give me strength, knowledge and wisdom to go through all those trials you set for me!

I did not have a good sleep on the 30th, as I am not use to my comfortable bed… I came back from Sabah on the 30th and I thank God for such a wonderful trip. It is very fruitful…

I am feeling very tired on the 31st, yet I drag myself up from the bed. Early morning, I had “heart attack” when I saw my group mates’ work. I sounded him as I lose control on my anger. I thank God that he reminded me that I should calm myself down and talk slowly. Super big apologies to my group member. Yes, I am not suppose to lose my anger and I realise lately I am very emotional. Throughout so many years, I struggle so much to change my emotional and during secondary school days, I manage to have a breakthrough. Unfortunately, it’s all coming back to me now….

The story didn’t end there…. I had a little misunderstanding with a friend of mine. Seriously silly…. It’s a disputable matter yet it happened! It is wrong to ask a person not to reply you if you know he/she is busy? I seriously mean good yet I was misunderstood. Here is the best part…. My friend even used this opportunity to talk about my attitude towards him. I was seriously tired… I don’t mind you criticizing me or telling me things that I should know about myself. I seriously don’t but today is just not the day…. I would like to apologies to him.

Today… I am supposed to go to church by van but something came about and the church van is unable to come. Transportation suddenly became part of the problems in my head… praise the Lord that He provided me the transport to church….

Besides all this, my head is also worrying about my unfinished assignment…. Tones of it… pray hard that I will be able to finish it on time!

I seriously am looking forward for 2006…. Sigh….

Signing off here…