Saturday, January 7, 2006

B3 Strong n Couragoeus (^_^)

Keep On
by Kristy Aikey

See with your heart
And feel with your soul
Try to lift spirits
And make people whole
Give all you can,
For that is all you will know
As you watch people in your life
Come and they go
Keep on trying,
That is what you must do
For some people struggle
And can't make it through
Keep faith in your life,
And love in your heart
And you shall stay strong,
And never fall apart
Live each day in the present
And not in the past,
Or your sanity,
I guarantee,
Will never last
Keep your eyes open,
And your mind in the clear
For you will not miss,
And all things you will hear
Now it must end,
But I leave this to say
Never lose hope,
And may God light your way.