Tuesday, January 10, 2006

~~ DonT pASs M3 bY ~~

Don't Pass Me By
Artist - Planet Shakers
Album - Always And Forever

Don't Pass Me By
My heart it longs
My soul it thirsts for more
For more of You
I'm reaching out
I'm waiting here for more
For more of You
Cause all I want is You
And all I need is to be here with You
I'm hungry for Your fire
I'm desperate,
You're my one desire
Jesus, please dont pass me by
I need You more than ever
I'm thirsty for a touch from HeavenJesus,
please don't pass me by
Don't pass me by Lord
I'm desperate for You
Yes Lord, i am so so so desperate for You now! Please don't pass me by... While I am doing my assignment, i was under stress.. worrying too much.. This song suddenly "came" to me.. Lord.... I NEED YOU!