Monday, January 2, 2006

# @ meaningful story for the year 2006 #

I read a story from "the Star" on the 01/01/2005, StarMag. It is very meaningful to me and it help me a lot in evaluating myself... I hope all of you will like this story... [it might help you in your new year resolution]

The Easier Task
Once upon a time, a king ruled a prosperous country. One day, he decided to tour some distnad areas of his land. When he returned to his place, he complained that his feet hurt because the roads he had travelled on were very rough and stony.

The monarch then ordered his people to cover every road in the countrty with leather so that he would have an easier time on his next journey. But one of his servants asked :"Why do you have to spend the amount of money on cow hide? Why don't you just cut a small piece of leather to cover the soles of your feet?"
The king was suprised by that suggestion. After some thought, he happily agreed ti have shoe made for him.

To make this world a better place to live in, try to change your thinking not the things around you.
=end of story=

I was naive.. Thinking on how to change others to "suit" me yet I forgot that I should be the one changing instead of "asking" people to change for me!
Don't repeat what I did, learn from this story.. It's short yet so meaningful isn't it?

God bless all of you...