Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A trip that I don't wish to talk about..

Just came back from Singapore not long ago... Ok... I came back for quite some time already... Just too lazy to blog about it =P

Don't ask me "how was the trip?" It's a sensitive question... So... Just enjoy the pictures that I took when I was dead bored over there... *View my frienster for photos* Will blog more regarding some other things when I get my things done, which I doubt it can be done by this week.. Sigh... *Found out something creepy as well.. Goosebump*



Lin said...

Haha... When I'm settled here, then we can arrange another 'date'. Will make sure, by that time you have lots to blog about.

All d Best for All of Us!!!

Shan Shang said...

GOOD! Please do... Spore FLYER!!! Nak NAIK!!! T.T

I only saw that from far~ Sigh..

All the best to u (interviews)